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Storage & Transportation


Wines are delicate liquids and require certain parameters to keep them protected for future consumption. The greatest downfall for a bottled wine is excessive heat, like the trunk or inside of a car during the summer months. Temperatures can easily get above 90 degrees and “cook” the wine, creating off flavors, aromas, and colors. Other factors that damage bottled wine are humidity levels below 60%, exposure to sunlight, exposure to vibrations from washing/drying machines or train tracks, and storage in areas with odors, such as a musty smelling basement or garlic and onions in a pantry. Keep bottles stored on their sides or upside down to keep the cork moist and prevent it from drying out. Below are considerations for transporting or storing wine.

Wine Storage


  • Keep wines at a constant temperature between 52-58 degrees. Avoid rapid temperature fluctuations.
  • Store wines away from vibrations from things such as washing machines, dryers, apartments with train tracks, etc.
  • Store wines out of the light, especially sunlight.
  • Keep wine storage humidity between 60%-80%. Below 60%, corks begin to dry out at the top and above 80%, mold and mildew will grow.
  • Wine storage areas should be odor free.
  • Musty basements, food items in the pantry, or any volatile chemicals will seep into the wine through the cork.
  • Store bottles on their sides or upside down to keep corks moist.
  • Consider a stand-alone wine cooler. Most are inexpensive, provide the ideal conditions, and will protect your investment.



  • Travel with a cooler, using ice packs and Styrofoam packing. The packing will keep labels from getting wet and bottles from banging into each other and potentially breaking.
  • Park your vehicle in shaded areas to minimize sunlight and heat.
  • Take the wines inside if possible. Leave bottles in the hotel room, take them into the restaurant, etc. if allowed.